For us, relationships are everything. That’s why we’re passionate not only about enhancing the effectiveness of our clients’ leaders and organizations, but also about doing so in a way that’s positive, candid, and collaborative.

To ensure we’re delivering, we end each of our assignments with a request for honest feedback. We are proud to share what our clients have said about their experiences working with us:

100% of Search Clients said:

  • They were satisfied or extremely satisfied with our overall performance of the execution and results of their search assignment.
  • They would consider using RRG the next time they require search services.
  • They would be willing to suggest our services to others who might benefit from it.

100% of Coaching Clients said:

  • They were extremely satisfied with the overall performance of RRG on the execution and results of their executive coaching assignment.
  • They would be willing to suggest our services to others who might benefit from it.
  • If they have worked with other executive coaching firms, they would rank RRG as the best.

Keen Eye for Talent

“Scott’s service and coaching has been a critical component in the creation and sustainability of a high-performance team. Scott has a keen eye for talent, and is dedicated to providing top-quality, game-changing candidates.”

Major Dan Rooney, Founder
Folds of Honor

Deep Dive Immersion

“RRG’s approach is not ‘one and done’ – it is truly a deep-dive immersion over a 6 month schedule of sessions. They do not pull any punches. RRG gets straight to the point while at the same time being a great listener sensitive to the needs of the individual.”

Jay Geldmacher, CEO
Artesyn Embedded Technologies

Relentless in Search

“I worked with Andy Wolkstein at RRG to fill a difficult senior manager role on my team. It was a retained search, which had me a little concerned in the beginning, but I’d characterize his work as relentless until he found the right match.”

Stephanie Sladek, Director - Digital Marketing & Media
Chamberlain College of Nursing

Diligent and Tireless

“RRG works diligently to understand the nuances of the position that they are filling and their client’s culture. They are tireless when it comes to execution. These attributes are critical to creating exceptional organizations.”

Dan Nordloh, Executive Vice President
EnSync Energy Systems

Attention to Detail

“RRG's attention to technical detail as well as cultural attributes, coupled with their intimate knowledge of engineering and construction markets, allowed us to hire an ideal candidate.”

Jonathan Berger, CEO, Director
Great Lakes Dredge and Dock

High-Caliber Talent

“RRG listens, is accessible, and is very detailed oriented. RRG is also dedicated to doing whatever it takes to fill particularly challenging positions. I’ve been impressed with the caliber of talent that RRG brings to the table and the thoroughness of their search process.”

Danielle David, Talent Acquisition Manager, Energy Division
Black & Veatch Corporation

Well-Tuned Technique

“RRG's well-tuned placement technique involves assessing not only a specific job requirement, but also understanding the broader executive leadership role and likely senior staff interactions that will be instrumental for a successful placement.”

Richard Ruebe, Group CEO
GTL Resources and Illinois River Energy

Terrific Partner

“I took the opportunity to transition from my role as Chairman and CEO of a major consumer products business to what I was calling ‘retirement.’ RRG was terrific in helping me organize my thoughts and helped me bring clarity in designing my new life.”

Bruce Carbonari, retired Chairman and CEO
Fortune Brands

Invaluable Insights

“RRG's insights into people and corporate structure have been invaluable to me and my company.”

Steve Romberg, President
HAVI Group

Professional and Personal Touch

“RRG's professional and personal touch quickly develops a bond of trust with their client that is instrumental in producing excellent results.”

Simon Perutz, President