In today’s highly demanding business landscape, selecting the executive leaders who will best drive your organization forward is one of the most critical challenges you’ll face. In order to secure the right talent, you must first identify the right executive search partner—one who truly understands what’s at stake and shares in your unwavering passion for hiring highly impactful and culturally aligned leaders.

To that end, Robinson Resource Group’s best-in-class talent acquisition team is poised to successfully navigate even the most challenging senior level search assignments. We apply a proven, research-first search strategy that is designed to identify and attract only the highest-caliber candidates, while adding critical value to your business throughout every stage of the search process.

Search Initiation

When integrated into early dialogue, our team is able to leverage our experience and industry knowledge to provide you with fresh and actionable insights on how to best approach your talent and leadership needs. From skills and competencies to business strategy, core values, and cultural nuances, we explore every pertinent aspect of our clients’ businesses with a dedication to arriving at a clear profile of the candidate best suited for success.


Once we gain alignment on a target profile, we launch into the core of our search process, which is carefully designed to both find and attract the very best candidates. Our proven approach starts with a thorough assessment of your competitive landscape as well as an evaluation of other markets in which viable candidates may be working. We then leverage a structured and highly proactive direct outreach and networking strategy that is optimized to develop a robust list of highly qualified candidates. Based on initial conversations and screenings, we narrow down the slate of candidates. As the top prospects rise to the surface, we overlay best-in-class scientific assessments and face-to-face interviews to zero in on a “shortlist” of technically and culturally aligned recruits that we endorse for client interviews.

Prior to candidate interviews with our clients, we provide detailed Executive Profiles so that each interviewer has a strong understanding of the candidates’ backgrounds and can prepare for each interview accordingly. Once a final candidate is chosen, we conduct detailed 360-degree reference checks, and finally, work as an intermediary to assure a positive dialogue surrounding an offer extension, which significantly increases the likelihood that your candidate accepts the opportunity. We also make sure that no issues with counteroffers arise.


RRG’s commitment extends well beyond the placement of a candidate. Our complimentary new hire on-boarding process pairs one of RRG’s certified management coaches with each placed candidate for the first 90-days of employment to assure he or she is seamlessly integrated and adding significant value in the shortest timeframe possible. We believe this demonstrates our unfettered commitment to getting the right people into your organization and making sure each relationship will be fruitful for both employee and employer.

RRG Approach to Executive Search

Understand Position Requirements Identify and Attract Candidates Candidate Vetting Candidate Presentation to Client 360 Degree Reference Checks Offer Extension and Negotiation New Hire On-Boarding

SearchWorks Emerging Leadership Search

For select clients with particularly critical mid-management roles, our SearchWorks model is uniquely structured to identify and secure future organizational leaders. Through the strategic use of powerful databases and software, contemporary recruiting tools, and social media, our search team is able to identify and recruit exceptional talent from across the US with a proven timely and efficient process.

While some executive search firms may view mid-management search as a secondary service offering, we treat it as a natural extension of our core focus. For us, securing emerging leaders enables our clients to drive their businesses forward with confidence, knowing they have the depth of talent required to achieve sustained organizational excellence.

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