Robinson Resource Group’s certified management coaches partner with C-Suite and senior leaders to pursue opportunities, tackle challenges, and make proactive changes in both their personal and professional lives. Because no two leaders are alike—and therefore no two coaching assignments are ever exactly the same—we apply our proven methodology and expertise to many industries and segments to achieve tangible results that reflect our clients’ own individual goals and circumstances.

RRG’s certified coaching professionals are dedicated to increasing the effectiveness of leaders.

More specifically, we partner with you to:

Clarify and Articulate Problems, Opportunities, or Goals Develop a Pragmatic and Manageable Plan Explore New Methods, Tools, and Techniques Set Goals and Push Accountability for Follow Through

Investing in your current leaders sends a clear signal that they are valued as an important part of your organization’s future, which positively impacts loyalty and retention rates. While all of our coaching sessions are uniquely tailored to the specific needs of our clients, below are a few of our most commonly requested focus areas:

Executive Development

Designed to develop the leadership skills of top executives within your organization.

This may include:

  • Elevating a leader’s ability to make decisions, increase peer respect, and promote greater levels of followership.
  • Preparing a leader for succession planning, horizontal movement, or changes in business climate.
  • Assisting a valued executive in identifying and modifying career limiting behaviors by targeting specific areas such as interpersonal skills, critical thinking, emotional maturity/intelligence, and empathy issues.

Career Transition

Designed to offer executives support and guidance in handling transitions that may impact their work performance.

This may include:

  • Working through transition issues associated with a promotion, transfer, position description change, termination, or change in business climate.
  • Coaching a professional to achieve a better work/life balance when faced with personal changes such as retirement, aging parents, or an update in marital status.
  • Partnering with an executive to navigate through a transition issue requiring change in behavior, style, strategy, and/or capability.

Challenge Management

Designed to take overwhelming issues and break them down into manageable pieces.

This may include:

  • Enabling an executive to face unforeseen issues head on with the clarity and confidence necessary to achieve the best possible outcome.
  • Acting as a trusted sounding board and advisor to make seemingly insurmountable problems more manageable.
  • Guiding a leader through a highly distracting and/or time-consuming problem so he or she can refocus efforts on career performance.

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